Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Road Trip

In America there are two classes of travel - first class, and with children.
-Robert Benchley

I used to love road trips. I'd throw my little bag of necessities in the back seat, throw on the music as loud as possible, and off I would go! I loved driving. Back then I smoked and there was absolutely nothing as freeing as driving down some freeway to some destination contemplating life and having a cigarette. I know, I know, bad BAD Jo, but it's true and I am not sorry to say it.

Much has changed now and the allure of road tripping has lost its lustre. I now travel with a two year old and wiley dog, neither of which care for sitting still. I still have my music, although not blaring any longer. And I have now been a nonsmoker for years. My bag has turned to bags. My car has gotten bigger and still I seem to fill it every time.

The good news is, however, is that road tripping for me is now much more about the destination. I still love the traveling part, but I am much more excited to get there! See new places. New people. This trip is filled with that. I get to meet my NEW nephew and goo and gaw to my hearts content--stay tuned for pictures tomorrow!

I also get to hopefully meet a cherished fellow blogger who has given me a huge Valentine's day boost and who has Mr. Jo's ultimate regard and admiration, Yo. THANK YOU! Check out the link and you can see me win! And I get to visit with sisters and parents and more nieces including our dear Elle Bee. And the road all ends with Mr. Jo who is conveniently located in the nexis of the gatherings working on a job nearby.

And the best part of all? Since I now have a laptop computer that I LOVE I can take you all with me! Ready? You'll have to take you own car though, as mine is already full!


Mary Alice said...

You are so funny. The Middle Child, ElleBee, can't WAIT!

"Running down the highway, looking for adventure....."

ms. changes pants while driving said...

HAHAHAHAAA!!! i'm omg, giggling so much. i was all, valentine's day boost? what? was it my comment on her running? valentine's day boo-- OHHH!!

hahahahahhaaa!! katrina and i are working out the details now.

my word verification is elshmat. as in "we're rolling out the elshmat for you. and by we, i mean katrina."

Kim Kasch said...

Laptops are great for traveling.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You are so right--the trip isn't so much fun with kids-but destinations ARE!