Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Mother, New Baby, New World

There is no other closeness in human life like the closeness between a mother and her baby.
-Susan Cheever

I am continually amazed by my dear sister, aptly named "Practical Sis." I arrived late afternoon yesterday to find her serene as ever, one and a half year old and two month old surrounding her. Her home beautifully arranged, no laundry awaiting my eager help, her body looking as though it had not just given birth to a baby whose future as a linebacker looks certain. How does she do it?

It is a mystery, that is all I can say. This woman was born under a sign of equilibrium and boy does it show. I am proud of her beyond words. I held her newest little one while she took a shower today, and I was in tears at what a sweet and interested little person she has brought into the world. He smiled and gawed at me and I giggled and cried and gooed at him. Very embarrassing, I am glad Practical Sis was in the shower so she could not see what a Sentimental Sappy Sis I am. I told the little one what a great choice he had made in choosing his mother and father, what a fine life he will live, under the loving guidance of two of the most balanced and calm people I have ever met.

And, if he ever needs some spice, he can most certainly come to visit his auntie Jo anytime he wants to see how the other half lives. I will probably be in the backyard trying to sow a lawn while talking on the phone wearing perhaps high-ish heels as the mood struck me before I could change into sensible gardening clothes. Happens to me all the time. Last spring I chopped down a tree in a strapless dress and sandals because the mood had struck and I had to do it right then! That's the kind of woman I am unfortunately so you can imagine how inspired I am when I am around Practical Sis. I am inspired to slow down. To take my time. To relax and enjoy life. And to have another baby! (Yes, I did say that.)

The cousins are having fun too!

Maybe a little too much! Whoops!


Mary Alice said...

Okay, I am all weepy now...'cause I am missing seeing all those babies.

ms. changes pants while driving said...

babies! and cousins! oh... cheeeeeks. i think i'm ovulating now.

hahahah... my word verification is "growsbud".

Hen said...


No more babies for me...or animals....

Have a great weekend

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Even with the swing tipping it sounds like a darn good day.