Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dieting Dilemmas

I eat merely to put food out of my mind
-N.F. Simpson

So one of my very best girlfriends came to visit me this weekend and we had grand times discussing life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. G is one of my oldest and dearest friends and, although we appear very different on the outside, we are secretly the same person. Or not so secretly.

In any case, we also share a birthday in common--practically--hers is a day before mine. Over the weekend we discussed our general unhappiness at the extra weight that seems to creep more and more easily onto female bodies as they round the bend from the twenties into the thirties.

So we decided to make a pact to lose 10 lbs by our birthdays in early April. Starting Sunday. As in two days ago. We decided to keep food journals and aim at a certain number of calories and fat grams. And to exercise smarter by varying our routines since we both already exercise very regularly.

It is much harder than I had anticipated. Sunday was alright but yesterday I hosted a dinner party for my much loved friend and former colleague T. I compensated earlier in the day keeping calories and fat to a minimum knowing that I would be eating a richer dinner. I thought ahead and told myself I could have smallish portions of the appetizers, dinner, dessert, and wine.

But you know how it goes. I ended up eating and drinking more than the allotted amount and had great fun and enjoyed it all. I figure that I will eat lightly today as well to compensate for last night.

I just have a hard time limiting myself at dinner parties and social gatherings because it's fun and I love food and wine and conversation. I get into it and completely forget the rules I have carefully laid for myself.

I find when I am alone and cooking just for myself and for my Babou I naturally eat moderately and healthfully and start to lose weight. But as soon as I am cooking for My Old Man or for guests or going out then it all goes out the window. It seems I have a hard time being social and eating normally.

I wonder, do I have to be a hermit to lose weight? (I feel very Carrie Bradshaw.) To be continued...


ms. changes pants while driving said...

hahaaha... i love the carrie bradshaw question.

you're gorgeous. and you should probably NOT move to socal because all we would do is eat and drink. except katrina. oh, but she likes her milkshakes. we could take her down with us by getting milkshakes for her :D

Hen said...

B***** the diet - just enjoy those lovely moments with friends...and do what French women do...just pare things down a bit the next day!
The whole diet idea seems crazy for you as you look gorgeous....and since Yolanda saw you in the flesh and thinks so too....we must be right!


Katrina Hazel, Recruitment Hero said...

Being in my 20s and thinking about rounding the bend toward my 30s... I have this constant internal struggle. One side of me says "You're in your twenties, this is the only chance you'll ever have to look AMAZING... like Britney ... and with less work and dieting than it will take in a few years. Go for it! You should have time to go to the gym! You are YOUNG! You can have abs of steel before you have kids! Now's your ONLY CHANCE!" But then... the other side says " No no, you've got it all wrong - this is the only time in your life that you CAN eat pretty much whatever you want and not gain too much weight! You still look pretty good. Go for it! Have your milkshakes now! Enjoy life b/c in a few years, those milkshakes will go straight to your pooch!!"
Its a constant internal struggle.. but I think we all know which side always wins. :-)

tlv said...

awww, we weren't THAT bad last night!

well, okay, there was all that brie, but babou and I ate most of that. :D

Thanks again; stupendous meal.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You ARE so very Carrie! I love this post--and am staying tuned!