Saturday, January 5, 2008

You just never know.

Last night I went out to dinner with one my good friends to catch up. We hadn’t managed to get together for a date since I can’t remember and were both excited to spend time together.

We went to a very beautiful family-owned Mediterranean restaurant and even were given a candle for our dinner. “L” and I decided we should share a bottle of wine since it was just so *romantical. We had the best time, wine flowing, fabulous food, conversation hilarious and juicy.

I wasn’t driving so I think I had more than my share of wine and was feeling rather wonderful when we finally got up to leave. I turned around and smoothed out my shirt after putting on my blazer and felt someone was looking at me in an odd way. I looked the offender’s direction and gave a sufficient stink eye back but noticed he looked vaguely familiar. “L” met me at the car, she had stayed behind to say good-bye to some people she knew. Breathlessly she ran up to me, “you’ll never believe who was in the restaurant with us tonight, Carlos Santana!” Crap, I thought. Sorry about the stink eye, Mr. Carlos Santana.

*My sisters and I use this word with frequency, myself probably the most since I am the most romantical of all the sisters. My sister Katrina has her BA in linguistics and knows several languages which she says gives her the right to make up new words at will. Who can argue with a girl genius?


Mary Alice said...

See, this could only happen to a Hazel woman! Giving the stink eye to Carlos Santana. Tee hee hee! I bet you looked hawt too.

AuthorMomWithDogs said...

Here via your sis, Mary Alice. Sharing many of the same interests, I'm looking forward to reading more here.

Oh, and romantical! LOL! That's one of my daughter's favorite words. She's the queen of making them up around here. My favorite of hers is "specical."

Family Adventure said...

Hi! Happy New Blog! I came here through Mary Alice's.

Very cool seeing Carlos Santana - even if you didn't actually recognize him :)


Alice Band said...

After a wonderful introduction by your sister Mary Alice - whom I'm adore but who makes me feel hopelessly inadequate, I popped in from England to say hello. What is a stink eye and who is Carol Santana? Is she a celebrity chef?

Claire B. said...

Love your style, Red Eagle. Your sis did a fabulous job introducing you, and I will be popping back to read more!

You know, Carlos and his wife a gazillion years just split (I heard he was a philanderer and now I believe it!).

Jo said...

Your daughter is brilliant! Can't wait to read your blog, too!

Jo said...

Thanks! I am happy to be joining the blogging world!

Jo said...

Mary Alice:
"hawt" I don't know, I know we were loud though!

Jo said...

Alice Band:
HAHAHAHA...CarLOS Santana, big musician guitar player! Stink eye is the mean look you give at people when you feel like giving a mean look!

Jo said...

Claire B:
I only hope to live up to my sisters description--she made me sound much cooler than I am but then that is what sisters are for!
I had no idea of the split (he was with a woman when I saw him). My husband works with his nephew-in-law and he didn't even tell me until after I had come home fairly bursting with the news that I had given Mr. Santana the stink eye--me a mere mortal! Can you believe that? Men and what they don't realize is important.