Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weekly Report

Last week we had the great fun of having Rescue Ranger come for a visit! Babou thought he seemed more like a jungle gym than a cousin! Patrick's mother also came for a visit so Babou was about beside herself trying to keep everyone entertained!

It was all too much for her, and she got sick, as did I. The end of last week and the beginning of this week were spent getting well. Babou has made a full recovery as of yesterday and I am pretty much better too except for a nagging cough.

Needless to say, between company and sickness, there has not been much time to get anything done and I am starting to feel angsty. I need to work on my writing project more, a lot more, and I need to plant the winter garden. And then I need to get going on the bigger projects I am trying to finish before the baby comes. It is crazy to think, but next month will be so busy between Christmas and lots of family birthdays (including Babou and Patrick's) that I see time slipping away so quickly. Plus, hopefully, I will be starting a new job next month! I am very excited about it all but feel I can't waste another minute.

Still, life goes on and you know it should be enjoyed. I am lacking that feeling of joy and inspiration I depend on to happily move have decided to take Loco O and Babou on a hike this morning, a much needed walkabout. We usually take some kind of walk-about/outing a day, usually to the park, so I decided to do something different today. And maybe I will treat myself to a latte along the way! That way I can spend the afternoon writing and gardening free of any worries that I am neglecting my dog or child as they have already gotten to run about! And I can focus, hopefully!


Yo is Me said...

cute pictures! who's the mexican in the corner?

i might see rescue ranger this weekend... would it be weird to give him a hug? i feel like i know him.

Jo said...

I am sure he would love a hug! That's Slim Shady, we found him in an antique store on a job in Washington. He had to be ours! A little frightening, but we love him!

Jo said...
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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Time does feel like it's speeding up sometimes--it's kind of crazy.

Don't do too much though--you don't want a relapse.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That's every week here--always a distraction from my goals. Sheesh. Glad you enjoyed the visit from Rescue Ranger.

Katrina Hazel, Recruitment Hero said...

you didn't tell me you got that job!!! that's AMAZING! I'm so excited for you!!!