Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last Hurrah

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

-Guilaume Apollinaire

My Old Man, who I am now calling Patrick because I do not feel right calling my husband "my old man." I did it because he sometimes, much to my consternation, calls me his "Ol' Lady." But it's not me and it feels weird to write it so I am stopping. Good. There it is, so we will start again...

Patrick got home from his most recent job a couple of weeks ago and it has been wonderful and disrupting and all of that since his return. The balance of my days shifts quite a bit to accomodate lots of family time whenever he returns. I am always between the two seeking some sort unattainable equilibrium.

But we have been having a lovely time with lots of beach days and even snuck away for a couple of days on our own, much in thanks to the MIL. It was the 12th anniversary of our first kiss (I know, I know, eyeballs roll to the ceiling but truly we are very sentimental about this but not disgustingly so, I hope at least) which was really our beginning (See archive for full, squishy details).

To celebrate, we headed north to Fort Bragg, a little fishing town that is now known for its abalone diving and fishing. The Noyo river runs into the Paciic there and a little harbor supplies lots of old fishing town quaintness.

We ate at a very fun, quirky family owned and run Italian restaurant in the harbor the first night. And for our anniversary dinner we ate at a place called "The Restaurant," run by a husband and wife team.

The food was amazing, especially the house made dessert, the best cheesecake we have ever had. I know I will be gaining lots of weight trying to replicate their cheesecake recipe in the future!

We brought our bicycles so we spent much of our day riding around town checking out whatever struck our fancy.

We met a lot of interesting people and decided that we would always bring bicycles on our trips, it was such a fun and easy way to explore a place.

But the best part of getting away was truly coming back home. I had never been away from Babou for more than one night before and we spent two nights away this time (and probably the last time with the new one on the way now, this was sort of our last hurrah for a long time). I missed her so much! The closer we got back to home, the more excited I became to see her again! I realized that I now have another love of my life, thanks to the first love of my life, a love so much deeper than any words can say.

(Babou in her 1st pair of cowboy boots, thanks to her Nana!)


Katrina Hazel, Recruitment Hero said...

omg babou looks like she is about 15 years old. I'm so sad I'm a long distance aunt :-( Your trip looks like it was so fun!

Mary Alice said...

Oh.My.God. I looooove her cowboy boots. I want a pair...only not pink...red. Red because I am a woman! Looks like a fab anniversary. Congratulations you old man and old woman!

Life As I Know It said...

Sounds like it was a great getaway!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy anniversary! Your Babou is getting SO BIG! Glad you are having a fine time with Patrick. I call D "big daddy" which is fine until he calls me "big mama." Hm.

Jo said...

I know my baby is getting to be not a baby anymore! Kind of sad, in a way. And yes, Green Girl, Big Mama does not work at all!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

She looks so old!

The bicycling sounds perfect. Happy Anniversary!