Friday, May 15, 2009

My "Licious" Babou

All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.
-- Indian Proverb

May is stretching into June way too quickly and yet time seems to have slowed at the same time. I think it is partly anticipation. My Old Man returns home from his job at the end of this month and his next job our own town! So I have that to look forward to and the time seems to be flying by except when I think about having to wait until the end of the month to see him and then it feels like it is going v.e.r.y. slowly.

In the meantime, we had mom for a visit and Babou outdid herself entertaining her grandmother. They had such a good time together. I could hear them in the backyard coming up with all kinds of new dance moves and there was much gymnastics involved in all their activities!

Lately, it seems Babou is growing before my very eyes. She is so aware and is just blossoming in so many ways. Driving over a bridge the other day, Babou pointed out the window to a boat and exclaimed, "Boat! Daddy!" I didn't realize she realized so much about her Daddy's work (he's a construction diver).

Lately we have been upping our practicing of numbers, letters, and colors. We take daily walkabouts, needed outings for all of us. Loco O needs as much walking as we can give him, and I need the exercise. We hike up into the hills and chant our "ABC's" and "123's" and look at flowers and learn their names and what colors they are. Everything is blue to Babou! For some reason she just cannot get past this color! To any color question, the answer is invariably blue!

Her confidence is soaring. The other day at the park, I watched her back up this little boy against the slide with her wagging finger. She was pointing at him and giving him quite a reprimanding. I don't know what he did (I suspect he tried to take her turn on the slide) but I am quite sure he will never do it again!

And foodwise she has always been a fantastic eater. I have never made her "baby food" except when she was really little (and she still preferred whatever we were eating instead), she has always eaten whatever we are eating. But lately she has become much more enthusiastic about it all! She likes to help me cook now, and she has taken to exclaiming, "Mama! 'Licious!" Music to a mama's ears!


Yo said...

hahahahah!!! sooo sweet! that's funny 'licious :D

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a fun time--enjoy every moment just as you are doing.

Katrina Hazel, Recruitment Hero said...

maybe she's CALLING you "Mamalicious!" like bootylicious. but different hahahahha.

Taryn Elise said...

i am just catching up with your blog now, and I LOVE that photo of your momma.