Friday, May 2, 2008

My Very Bad Week

Let’s just say this has not been my week. It’s funny because I have been feeling like life is moving too fast, that I have no time to slow down, and that there is never time to read or day dream because I am never sitting still. Well, I should have knocked on wood. Sunday I broke three fingernails, one down to the quick, trying open a stuck window. It hurt, I was mad. I hate trying to do things with bandages on your fingers, it’s just hard but also the bandages come off so easily. Just a pain, but not that painful. The next day, however, turned out to be painful.

I was getting breakfast Monday morning when one of my heavy ceramic plates slipped out of my hand and landed squarely on my big toenail. The pain was magnificent. Omnipresent. Excruciating. Beyond words. Comfort from my dear husband? His help was to suggest he drill, yes I did just write DRILL, a hole IN my throbbing big toenail to release the pressure. You know how when you’re hurt and there is talk of hurting more the hurt you feel increases like tenfold or something? I could not believe.

In any case, I realized that it does not actually allow me to slow down as much frustrate me because I still have to do all this stuff to do (in-laws visiting this weekend) but I am now moving at a slower rate of speed. It has actually made it worse. I know, I sound bitter and complaining and deep inside myself I know this is not that big a deal COMPARTIVELY but….my toe HURTS! If you have ever seen “Mr. Deeds” with Adam Sandler, you will appreciate that every time my husband looks at my toe he says “The hideousness of your foot will haunt my dreams forever.” No drill marks though, thank you very much.


Melissa said...

Ah yes, I can sympathize. While rushing about here I balanced on a box in the garage and miscalculated the leap back down to the concrete floor--and the edge of the box collapsed. I landed on my back (but I tucked and rolled and didn't smack my head!) and my elbow. My left elbow has a HUGE lump on it and a bandaid stanching the blood. Rushing gets you nowhere most of the time, but it's a hard lesson to learn.

Life As I Know It said...

Ouch! Hope the pain goes away soon!

Katrina Hazel, Recruitment Hero said...

I LOVE that part in Mr. Deeds... I'm so sorry sis... it hasn't been a good Hazel sister week :-(

Anonymous said...

Why, oh, WHY must these things always come to us all together like that? It's not like a bad hour, or anything - it's always a bad week. Or month. Or something.

Wishing you have all good things coming your way.

Domestically Challenged said...

Darling Jo!

Sending big hugs from England - though not too tight a grip -so as not squeeze the toe/ finger!

Is the Husband a frustrated surgeon?

Hope next week is better - how are you doing with Yo's book - are you ready for tequila?


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. My elliptical exercise machine has taken to attacking me for not using it. It has stubbed my toes numerous times the past few months, and last week made a large gash in my arm by tripping me onto an exposed metal part of it. Breathless pain ensued, and the gash is infected as well. May have to get rid of that thing.

JCK said...

I hope you are doing better now. At least physically! :)

Miss your posts.