Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On the Road Again

"I've always been crazy, but its kept me from going insane."
-Unknown song lyric.

No, dear reader, I have not disappeared into the ethers, and I apologize for my absence from the blogging world. I have actually been busy running up and down the beautiful state of California--literally from end to end most of the month, unable to get to a computer let alone much else. My husband's work as a diver is erratic and often he can be on one job in southern California one day and then be on another in Northern California the next. We travel as a family when the jobs are short, as they have been lately. I am tired and ready to be in one place for awhile!

I am returning home tomorrow and will enjoy catching up on everyone's blogs and get some serious reading in for the virtual book club. I will also be happy to how my little garden is growing, if the plum and fig are now in full leaf. If my lettuces have choked each other out yet as I have not had time to thin them. Back to the rhythmns of home life. Funny, I was getting tired of the daily round before my husband got called on all these jobs! I should watch what I ask for! But it was oddly what I needed for my sometimes gypsy-ish nature!

For all the travel, we did manage to make it fun. We stopped in Malibu for requisite fish and chips at Neptunes Nest, and watched the surfers catch gentle waves while the sun set slowly into an impossibly calm ocean. I am lucky enough to have visited sisters I havn't gotten to see in too long, had some amazing hikes, got to see that I definitly am not a city girl thanks to our time in LA. Lots of insights and fun mixed in with hours of driving till I thought I might scream! Babou was amazingly good. She is a trooper. I am so lucky. But most of all I will be happy to finally be home tomorrow and catch up on gardening, friends, writing, and my friends in the blogging world!

Ciao Bellas!


Life As I Know It said...

Sounds like fun. Exhausting, but fun. And a nice change of pace.
Welcome back!

Jo said...

Thank you! Can't wait to catch up on your blog tomorrow when I'm on my own computer again!

Yolanda Elvira said...

i missed you! please tell us all about your adventures up and down the coast of california. did you vote for april's read? we have another groupie!

JCK said...

Hi Jo! I've missed you. Kept checking back. Let us know you're going next time! LOL Orders from your readers.

I know it will feel good to return home and to your garden.

Glad you love my new blog design. I had an artist do the header. It is actually a painting - pen & ink and watercolor. Then I worked with a template designer to do a template around the header. ;) I love it, too. Especially the fishnets!

Domestically Challenged said...

Hurrah! You're back in the land of the bloggers!
I'm struggling with the Nuns too - must try and finish tonight - who's doing the cake this time?