Monday, February 11, 2008


Perhaps loving something is the only starting place there is for making your life your own.
-Alice Koller

Spring is here, I can feel it like sap rising through my veins. On my morning walks with Babou, and my excitable dog, I can smell it in the air, the smell of green, the smell of spring. I can see the buds pushing their way into leaves, the grass becoming lush. The wind is softer now and it caresses the trees in a way that reminds me of a mother tousling her child’s hair. I am in love with spring.

I am a bit of a fickle lover because I always yearn for, and celebrate, each changing of the season. But spring has always been my favorite. Perhaps it’s because I was born in spring and its essence was knit into my lungs upon my first breath. There is something contagious about it, about its enthusiastic celebration of renewal, of its thrusting green energy, of its lush display of beauty. I can almost feel the momentum, the great lifting of spring and it is so welcome after the rest and quiet of winter.

I am continually amazed of how each season affects me. And yet, isn’t it the most natural of all things to affect you? Life understands there is a season to everything, just as there is in life. It makes me glad to know that nature also has moods, and that each mood is dependent on the last and next; each growing in and out of one another, intrinsically meshed and interdependent. I am amazed at this wisdom unfolding just outside my door, teaching me in its quiet way all the joy I need to know to begin falling in love with life again.



Life As I Know It said...

I love spring too. I love breathing in spring air. It is energizing. My whole attitude changes as the months turn warmer.

Unfortunately, spring is a loooong way off for us. Usually not until April to we see real signs of spring...

One Hot Mama said...

I enjoy your writing! You mentioned perhaps doing a book club on your blog? Are you still planning to do that?

Jo said...

We are doing a book club and it's its own blog, here's the address: Domestically Challenged got it started--she has a great blog: are reading "Eat, Pray, Love! Would love for you to join although you've already read the book I think but would love your comments!

Jo said...

Life as I know it:
I know, I am really lucky to be experiencing this weather so soon. It is so beautiful and I wish this weather your way.

Domestically Challenged said...

Dear Jo
I wonder sometimes if you have a bit of my brain over there!
I feel the same way, and I too think that you have a slight preference for your 'birth' season!

The crocus and daffodils are out here, the farm behind us has started lambing, and we have had 5 days of beautiful spring sunshine! So I feel very contented! Feel a bit loopy when outside, because it makes me feel like saying "hello flowers" "hello sun"!
Definately got spring fever!

Melissa said...

I agree--spring is my favorite but I thank God for all the seasons. They keep us changing and remind us that life is full of cycles;)

Mary Alice said...

"I was born in spring and its essence was knit into my lungs upon my first breath." - beautifully poetic sis.

You have always been a spring girl, eager to be out creating with the grasses thrusting upwards and the birds in happy chorus, the energy and exuberance so palpable.....I am more of an autumn, I think, relishing in what is completed, in the quiet confidence of the will having been done and resting upon it.

You love the potential of what can be….and in that, you are inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Every season has its own nostalgia and feeling of bittersweet restlessness, doesn't it? I love change. And I love the change that the seasons bring.

Lovely post.

JCK said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

And yes...the spring is here!!!

Domestically Challenged said...

Dear Jo,
For the books - how shall we choose number two - shall I pick or shall we do the Nuns?
Best wishes Hen

Jo said...

Dear Hen...You should pick! I wish I could accompany you to Mr. B's to get new books together!